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Is your check engine light on? For some a check engine line is a foreboding omen, for others it just means it’s time for a tune-up. Don’t let your vehicle’s check engine line stress you out more than it should, bring your car to Fast Automotive and Smog! We’ll help you turn off your check engine lights in Perris, CA. 

When your check engine light flickers on your dashboard, know that you can bring your vehicle to the professionals! We use the most reliable code readers for each vehicle, ensuring we successfully target the root cause of the issue. 

Common Check Engine Light Problems
• On some vehicle’s, the gas cap can often trigger the vehicle’s check engine light to flash. If this is the case our specialist will give you the best advice on dealing with the matter.
• The oxygen sensor is another common problem on vehicles. Holding off on replacing this part can cause you to experience a severe loss in MPG. 
• Catalytic converters are another sensitive part. Oftentimes, neglecting regular service can cause this part to breakdown. When this part breaks down you will see increased emissions, decreased performance, and reduced fuel economy. 
• Spark plugs are another essential engine part that experiences the most wear and tear. Spark plugs should be changed at least every 30,000 miles! 
• Lastly, the mass airflow sensor is another component with a propensity for failure. A faulty sensor can cause your vehicle to put extra stress on parts including the catalytic converter, spark plugs, and the 02 sensor. 

A lot of check engine lights can be prevented by regular maintenance! When these parts are frequently checked, your car will run more efficiently and reliably!

Bring your car to the experts at Fast Automotive and Smog for professional repairs!

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